I have so badly ignored this site.  I’ll really try harder, I promise.  Ugh, social media though, huh?  THE ADDICTION TO IT IS INSANE!!  I check it compulsively, even when I don’t want to, even (especially) when I’ve got work to do.  Today is my birthday, for example, and I couldn’t stop checking it for birthday stuff!  I’m a grown human!  Unfortunately, my OCD has found a foothold there and, despite having tried different approaches for years, nothing’s worked so far so:

I’m deactivating my Twitter account for, I don’t know, a week?  I’ve got amazing and cool stuff I want to tell you about, but for now, I need to give my brain some breathing space.  It’s like a washing machine in there.  The pointless aggro, the even more pointless compulsive checking. the ruination of my mood and state of mind.  Lovely, lovely folks there, this isn’t a judgement!  But this brain o’ mine needs a break.  At least until I can learn how to do it without driving myself around the bend.

Lots of cool news coming, though!  Stay tuned.  Pxx