Topics about Which I Know Nothing


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Topics about Which I Know Nothing

Have you heard the urban myth about Jesus’s double-jointed elbows yet? 100% true. Or seen the latest reports on the ‘groomgrabbing’ trend – the benevolent kidnapping of badly-dressed children by their well-meaning (and more dapper) elders? Heard the one about the Amazon from the Isle of Man? Or perhaps you’d like a job in telesales, offering self-defence classes over the phone? Don’t worry, as long as you meet the weekly quota, you won’t be sent to the end of the hall…

Wonderfully original, fresh and funny, Topics About Which I Know Nothing is stuffed to the gills with dizzyingly inventive writing and warming, puzzling emotions – a fictional guide to how the world might have turned out.

“Ness’s take on the absurd and offbeat is sharp, intelligent and funny.”

Time Out

“Very, very funny … a unique comic manifesto from a very talented newcomer.”

Daily Express

“Sparkling humour … Ness has a wonderful imagination: creative, unpretentious and pleasingly bonkers.”

Metro (London)

“Ness’s first collection brims with inventiveness and creative audacity.”

Daily Telegraph