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And the Ocean was Our Sky: an exclusive launch event with Patrick Ness

Join us for an exclusive and intimate launch event on board the HQS Wellington, an old WWII warship, with Patrick as he discusses his latest novel And The Ocean Was Our Sky.

As with all Patrick’s novels, each one defies genre and takes a new and surprising turn and his new book is no exception. Inspired by Moby Dick, this stunning reimagining takes the perspective of the whale, turning the world upside down so the land of men becomes the abyss, and the ocean floor is their sky. Examining the power of prophecy and the relentless and hopeless nature of war, this modern fable will have much to examine for young people and adults alike.

Tickets are extremely limited for this exclusive event, which will include Patrick in conversation, as well as the chance to have books signed. Light refreshments and a glass of wine/soft drink are included in the ticket price, along with a copy of And The Ocean Was Our Sky.

Join us for what promises to be a truly unique launch event.