Welcome to my new website!

Hello again!  The lovely folks at Walker – my stupendous UK publisher – have redone my webpage!  Innit nifty?  All kinds of stuff here for you to go looking for, including videos, me *cough*, blogging *cough*, lots of writing, and every event on the calendar.  Keep checking back, it updates regularly.  Subscribe to things!  Follow me on things!  Eat enough vegetables and iron!  Hug your friends and tell them what they mean to you as often as you can without it seeming weird!

First up, I’ve got a new book out.  The Rest of Us Just Live Here.  Go to a lovely bookshop and buy the physical version; it’s a beaut, both in the UK (out 27 August, alongside Ireland, Australia and New Zealand) and the US and Canada (out 6 October). Tell me what you think!  You know, or not, if it’s mean.  I’m only human.

There’ll be more.  Regular updates and all that.

But welcome, welcome, welcome!  Pull up a chair!  And shush, we’re reading.!

The Rest of Us Just Live Here UK Hardback Cover Image  The Rest of Us Just Live Here US Cover Image