Comments trouble (and where to find me)

So I haven’t updated here in a while – because not a lot’s been going on that I can talk about (there’s been LOTS that I can’t, but…).  I’ve been wondering what the best use of this is.  It works great when I’m on tour and I can tell people where I am; it’s also lovely to get comments.  I’ll definitely keep it, but I’ll be honest, I put most of my goofy, fun stuff onTwitter these days (so definitely follow me there@Patrick_Ness) and have a tumblr (that I haven’t updated in a while either, but I WILL!).  So I’m all over the place, if not always here.

I do read all your comments.  Just a few things.  Best way to contact me for events is from the Contacts page of this site (I get quite a few; they need to go centrally or I’d go quite mad).  Also, I regret that I can’t help you out on your school assignments.  I’m so sorry, but again, there’s just too many.  I’d love to, but I barely have enough time to finish my own work. I’m sure you know the feeling!

Anyway, there’s news coming (and some that could be ridiculously exciting, but never count your chickens…), I’ll keep updating here, but do check me out on the other places, too!